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Does your business suffer from slow connectivity? Can’t reach that crucial email? Conference call cut out halfway through? Can’t access your presentation? The Internet so slow you can’t update your website?

In recent years, with businesses digitizing, connectivity has become one of the most important aspects of an IT strategy. To survive in a fast-paced market you have to keep up with your competitors, which means you need a reliable connection that performs. And with connectivity solutions getting better and better there really is no excuse to be let down by your connection.

We offer fast, reliable internet connectivity solutions that will never let you down and will keep your business one step ahead of the competition. Regardless of your size or requirements, we can build a custom solution for you.

How Is Reliable Connectivity Valuable to My Business?

To perform at its best your business simply can’t afford any downtime, which means if you are having any connectivity issues, it is time to invest in a reliable connection.

Your business deserves a dependable connection which will increase its efficiency. Online management programs will work better and faster, your employees will be more productive with more uptime and faster resources, meetings will go more smoothly with reliable video conferencing, and backups will happen more swiftly. Overall, faster, reliable connectivity will have you smiling all the way.

What Do You Get with Our Internet Solutions?

All of our services can be remotely supervised and are supported with business service-level agreements (SLAs) for extra peace of mind. It is our mission to find you the best connectivity, whether that means a super-fast connection for a single computer or a connectivity solution that can adapt as your business grows. Here are some of the major reasons why you should use NCD Solutions’ internet connectivity services:

Internet Connectivity Choose NCD Solutions

Lots of Options: From business, broadband internet connections to carrier independent leased line services and multi-site, fully managed MPLS, we can provide business-grade connectivity to suit your precise requirements.

High Expertise: Not only can we tailor a connectivity solution especially for your business, our expert team will set you on a connectivity path that ensures your future requirements are also met. We don’t believe in once-off solutions, instead, we consider what kind of connectivity would best suit your business’s needs.

Excellent Support: Not only can we tailor a connectivity solution especially for your business, our expert team will set you on a connectivity path that ensures your future requirements are also met. We don’t believe in once-off solutions, instead, we consider what kind of connectivity would best suit your business’s needs.

What Are My Different Options For Connectivity?

We offer a wide range of connectivity solutions, ranging from ADSL to leased line fibre optics and point-to-point connections, and MPLS networks from all the major South African carriers. Get anything from basic speeds to 1 Gbps connections and everything in between. Let’s look at what we can provide your business:

Option 1 – Our Copper ADSL Solutions:

What Is ADSL? – Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is a type of digital data communications technology that enables fast data transmission over copper telephone lines. This kind of broadband internet is one of the most common connectivity solutions in South Africa and has dominated the market for many years.

What Can ADSL Do For Me? – ADSL connections are available almost everywhere, they are relatively reliable and there are lightning fast options available. ADSL offers flexibility in terms of line speed and capped and uncapped data usage options. It is also a great solution for general internet connectivity, remote access, and a few non-critical business services.

Option 2 – Our Fibre Broadband Solutions:

What Is Fibre? – Fibre optic internet works with fibre cables that carry information at the speed of light. Fibre is the fastest form of broadband available and it is rapidly being rolled out across South Africa, which means more and more locations are gaining access to this kind of connectivity on a daily basis.

What Can Fibre Do For Me? – Fibre connections are extremely reliable (not suffering from many of the problems that traditionally plague copper cable connections) and there is nothing faster on the market. Fibre offers flexibility in terms of a wide variety of line speeds to choose from and capped and uncapped data options. It also offers excellent latency, which is important to many businesses. Although this is not a leased solution, it is a great choice for most companies.

Option 3 – Our Leased Line Fibre Optics / Point-to-Point Connections:

What Is A Leased Line? – A Fibre leased internet line is a premium internet connectivity product that provides uncontended and symmetrical speeds. It is also known as a dedicated line, data circuit, private line or point-to-point connection. A low contention ratio on a line means better performance. The lower the contention the fewer people you share your bandwidth with. An uncontended network means you don’t have to share your bandwidth on the way to the exchange, which means a fixed performance rate at all times.

What Can A Leased Line Do For Me? – A leased line offers continuous service that is governed by strict SLAs from the provider. It is also high security since you have a dedicated line. Performance is also amazing, which makes it perfect for anything you might want to do online, from conference calls to working with large portions of data.

Option 4 – Our MPLS Connectivity Solutions:

What Is An MPLS Network? – Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) can be a powerful data-carrying tool, especially where point-to-point connections are not viable. When it is not physically possible to have a direct line between two points, a high-performance MPLS network is an excellent alternative. Instead of an established circuit, this packet-forwarding technology uses labels to transport data along multiple paths that exist in the network, and the data is reassembled at the endpoint.

What Can An MPLS Network Do For Me? – An MPLS solution provides excellent resilience, as well as fixed costs for your business needs. It is often paired with a site to site VPNs to provide high performing, highly secure connections between branches. A rock solid SLA is always included, as well as continuous monitoring and management to ensure smooth operations.

Make sure your business stays relevant with NCD Solutions’ premium internet connectivity services. Invest in a solution that won’t let your business down and let us help you with all your requirements. Click the link below and get a free quote now.

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