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With the ever-increasing amount of data being created and stored, can your business afford a backup failure due to ineffective technology or unmonitored traditional backups? What would the cost to your business be if you were to lose a week’s worth of data? What if you suddenly lost all your documents? If even thinking about this makes you shudder, we understand! That’s why you need to be prepared for any contingency.

We can help you protect your data with our cloud-based backup services. Whether you need to recover a spreadsheet, or even do a full restore of a major system, our service has you covered. You can even use it in conjunction with local backups, which will eliminate the need for traditional off-site backups. We would love to customize a solution for you, so get in touch!

What Is A Cloud-based Backup Service?

A cloud-based recovery system backs your information up to a remote, cloud-based server. This means that cloud backup solutions enable your business to store data on the internet, rather than on location – that’s to say on a physical disk, hard disk or tape. With the cloud your data is kept at a secure off-site location and is accessible in real-time, making it a breeze to recover any lost files.

Is Cloud Backup The Same As Cloud Storage?

Do not confuse cloud backup and cloud storage. The two are distinct from each other. Cloud storage is often free, but it usually doesn’t cover all your data backup requirements. In fact, most of the time you have to move the data to the monitored folder to back it up. Some of the more popular solutions are Dropbox and Google drive), which are fairly effective, but not really part of a corporate backup strategy.

A cloud backup solution, on the other hand, automatically backs up all your flagged files and folders. That means every time you edit such a file and save it to your device, the update is also made to your backup and reflects in the cloud. These files can be anywhere, and they can even be very large (think entire server backups, raw video files, etc.). All data is synced to the cloud using top-quality encryption, so your information will always be private and secure.

How Is A Cloud Service Valuable To Your Business?

Adapt to Changes – Every business comes with its own set of complexities. You might have a one-man business that runs off a single laptop, or your business network might include multiple users and stretch over various desktop machines, laptops, and servers using different software and operating systems. As your business evolves, and your network becomes more complex, the risk of losing important information increases. A cloud-based backup solution can easily adapt to accommodate your network’s needs whatever they might be.

Optimize Efficiency – Unprecedented data growth in recent years is something that is a challenge for both small businesses and large companies, and it can place increasing pressure on your backup and recovery provisions. Many businesses are finding their existing backup methods are falling short in terms of efficiency, reliability, and ease of use, and that it can take up valuable resources and potentially leave the business at high risk of data loss. A cloud backup system solves all these issues. In fact, cloud backups can even keep your data safe from environmental dangers such as fires and flood, not to mention theft and human error.

Save Time – Although cloud-based backups are dependent on the speed of your internet connection, our service only uploads changes, which usually means that backups are done before the start of each business day. Since the entire process (including encryption, versioning changes, etc.) are all fully handled by our solution, it makes recovery painless and very time efficient. In the end, although you may wait a little longer to restore very large files, it is all secure and safe, which is critical for any business.

Why Choose Us For Your Cloud Backup Solution?

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Great Security, Flexibility and Convenience – As previously mentioned, all data will be encrypted and completely private. It will be kept at our tier 3 data centre and can protect all your data, no matter the size or the quantity. You are only charged for what you store and our prices are reasonable.

Managed Cloud-based Backup Services – Our fully managed allows you to shift the accountability for your data backups to our team. You simply let us know which data from what date you need to be restored, and where you want us to restore it to, and we take care of the entire process for you.

Self-Managed Cloud-based Backup Services – Our self-managed cloud-based backup option allows system administrators to easily restore data to a device or server. With the self-managed option, your team retains control. Backups can be run on demand, on schedule or when a connection is available. Individual files and folders can manually be included or excluded depending on current needs. We host the data, you do the data management tasks.

In the end, we think a good question to ask yourself is “Can your business afford not to have a cloud-based backup service?”. It offers so many benefits, with one of the most important ones being peace of mind, which only comes from knowing that your critical data is safe. We have many clients who are taking advantage of this technology and we would love to help you investigate if it’s right for you. This won’t cost you a cent, so feel free to click the button below and submit your details, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

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